Monday, October 27, 2008


My mom is having a "female" procedure today. The doctor is very good, but I'm worried about pain management for her. Could you say a prayer or send a light her way today (or when you read this)?


Friday, October 24, 2008

I thought I would write this here rather than on my blog since my blog has been rather serious lately and this is totally frivilous.

When I was in high school I was pretty enough to sleep until 15 minutes before school started, roll out of bed, brush my teeth and barely make it to school on time. not so anymore

But, yesterday I did.After a restless, sleepless night I rolled out of bed brushed my teeth and hair and off to the hospital I went. I knew I looked like crap but at that moment just didn't care.

Sitting in the hallway, waiting on the nurses to finish bathing Mother I watched the many women who were buzzing around me. The ones who had a distintive hair style (not just hair in a pony tail or lame/limp unkempt hair), make-up, and clothes that fit their bodies were the ones that looked like they (for lack of better words)were important. .. maybe they looked professional, or at least they were important to themselves.
The other women, the ones who looked like I did, looked like trash. Sorry, but we do have a lot of white-trailer trash around here and that is what they looked like.

So, needless to say.. before I rolled off to the hospital this morning I washed and blowed dried my hair and took 5 minutes to put on a little make-up.

I felt better about myself for it.