Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Death by food or Aola is a big fat wuss.

I wonder what it is about certain people's personality that makes us have that addictive character? I get that way about the silliest things... foods, games, etc. I'm just really glad I never smoked - I would have never been able to quit.

And, what it is about other people, why they are not? My Dad smoked for 40 years and then just one day decided to stop, laid them down and never picked up another. He never gained weight because if he started getting a little belly he would just stop eating??? why didn't I get some of that???

I'm doing good with the whole not eating of the salty snacks, but, the only reason I am is because there are NO pretzels in the house. It sure as hell isn't because I don't want them. We will see if I can resist buying a bag tonight on our weekly shopping trip. Seriously, I was thinking about running into town because I need to go get dog food and the thought crossed my mind to stop and get a bag of pretzels and eat them all before I came home.... WTF??? Like Mark cares if I eat pretzels??? or the salt wouldn't hurt me if no one knew?????? that is some strange thinking.

Like I said... good thing I never took up smoking.

Friday, May 07, 2010

I am kind of having a hard time adjusting my diet to life-without-salty-snacks. I knew giving up the pretzels was going to be hard for me and it is. I crave the salty snacks.... a lot. I went down thru the cracker isle and looked at all the labels, Triscuits were one of the lowest sodium snacks I could find but they are high in calories so I have to really limit myself on how many I can have. It leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I know it will level out in time, I just have to push thru these first few days.
I took the diuretic for about two years and I think my body is having to re-adjust to not having it. I have been having some trouble with swelling in my ankles, not bad but noticeable to me.
Lots of changes for an old body like mine, once I get the salt intake down to where it should be and get used to the new medicine I'm hoping these symptoms will go away.
The burning mouth thing is all but gone!! Hallelujah!!! The itchy skin is still a problem though...maybe it is all in my mind... "it's all in your mind Mr. Tweety, it's all in your mind" said with my best British accent (Chicken Run)

I hope you don't mind my whining, it helps me to talk this out as I go

Thanks for being there

Thursday, May 06, 2010

OMGI think I finally did it!! I think I finally found an exercise I enjoy!!

I like weight lifting because it makes me feel strong and I enjoy walking... but I found something that really gets me MOVIN'

lower the shades, lock the door, CRANK UP the classic rock channel and DANCE!!!!

crazy, wild uninhibited dancing, just letting the music move me. Wow! that was fun.

I only made it through one song this morning, Suzie Q by CCR but it got my heart racing and I loved it. It wasn't drudgery.


now my family is going to think I am crazy for sure. hee hee hee hee

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Although my eating habits are pretty healthy most of the time, I tend to slip off into some not-so-good eating habits sometimes.. .so, once again, I am weeding things out that are not good for me and trying to add in some that are. For instance: I finally went to the doctor and got my blood pressure medication changed to one without a diuretic. Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that it actually relives some of these crazy symptoms. And, I have once again eliminated soda pop out of my diet. I have a hard time feeling guilty about drinking caffeine free diet coke but still I want to be rid of it. I am trying to eliminate one thing at a time to see if I can find a way to feel better. At my age I know there are some aches and pains that go along with age but I should feel better than I do. My goal, as usual, is optimal health not weight loss - I have pretty much given up on weight loss. Optimal health comes with having an immune system strong enough to fight off whatever is not supposed to be going on in your body. As you age, your immune system gets weaker .. unless you keep it feed lots of nutrients.

BUT.. I have had a revelation, well, it is really not anything new but it has kind of hit me in a new way.

Bottom line is that if I don't start and maintain an exercise program I am never again going to have optimal health. I don't care how healthy I eat, it is not enough.

So, I am at this teetering point of making that happen or just giving up. That's how bad I hate to exercise and I am not a lazy person, I just hate to exercise, always have. My sister talked me into going to an aerobics class with her a long time ago - I would get drunk and go or get high and go and it was always just a joke to me. I made fun of the women and their leggings and cutesy outfits... Trudy finally made me quit going with her :)

I read tonight that joint aches are yet another symptom of menopause and it may or may not be arthritis that is causing me to hurt so bad. Mark thinks that is good news, I'm not so sure.

The next thing to go will be my stick pretzels. This one I dread. The pop has been easy to do without, the pretzels I will miss!! It means I just flat cannot buy them or have them in the house because I cannot resist them.

Getting old just SUCKS.