Sunday, December 28, 2008

what about .... ?

Okay, so it sounds like we all need to do a cleanse... let's start by picking a day (after New Years Day) and start by first cleaning out our kitchens. Go thru the fridge, the cabinets, the pantry and get rid of all the stuff that you know you shouldn't be eating, the stuff that is too much tempation to keep around.. you know what needs to go.

That could be step ONE to our cleanse.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Starting to care

Just saw the Christmas video of me looking mighty chubby. I can ignore that I feel big, but I can't ignore (now) that I look big. Guess I'm in need of some New Year's resolutions, but for now, I want to comfort myself by eating an entire bag of chocolates.


I need some sort of balance--actually eating healthy/well--without a) eating everything in sight or b) denying myself everything and spiraling into calorie-counting-obsessive hell. Sometimes I can't convince myself that I need nurturing until I remind myself that my daughter deserves a sane, healthy mother--but I need to find that nurturing somewhere besides chocolate chip cookie dough.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WEll..... I hate to do this, especially at this time of year, but it is the needful thing...

Sometime right after Thanksgiving I noticed that my jeans were a little harder to button than usual, so, I forced myself to get on the dreaded scale... I had gained 10 pounds!! Since then I have managed to lose 5 of that, but, that just isn't good enough. I need to get rid of the extra 5 so I can at least stay level (although I am still not happy about what "level" is for me).

I have been walking everyday and this week I doubled my distance. Tomorrow, as much as I hate it, I am going to start counting calories.

Other than the walking I haven't been doing much to stay healthy and probably won't do much more until after the holidays. I'm not going to lie to myself or you and say that I will be eating healthy this month :) but I do continue to take a gzillion supplements and vitamins and I do stay in good health. Mark and Em have just had one cold after another this season, so far I have not gotten sick (knock on wood).

But... come January I will be throwing out the leftover holiday goodies, cleaning out the pantry and starting fresh with what I know to be better eating habits.

So, ladies, what have you been doing to stay healthy and what are your plans to survive the holidays?

I need to make Levi promise to never, ever make another Italian Cream Cake and leave it at my house :)