Friday, February 19, 2010

Okay, I officially hate Levi now.

Two weeks, two freaking weeks.

He decides to get in shape, for two weeks he has been upping his protein intake and working out at the gym at work.... two measly weeks.

He has gained 8 pounds of bulk and looks absolutely ... well, I don't want to say fabulous because that kind of makes him sound gay and I don't want to say HOT because he's my kid but the boy looks GOOD. He came over last night, he had on a new pair of jeans that fight tighter than he normally wears and I couldn't believe how muscular his legs and butt looked. Levi has never had a butt before!!

Two weeks.

But, he and Seth working out so hard has inspired me to try once again. Over the winter months and yet another change in blood pressure medication I have gained quiet a bit of weight. So, I am counting calories... UCK! and paying more attention to what I eat and as soon as our ground dries up just a little I am going to start walking again.

Two weeks. Boys.