Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year - here we go again....

One last feast and then I've got to get serious about my health again... geez, you would think I would learn, don't you?

I told you guys that I was having kidney trouble, right? Well, I stopped taking all my supplements for a couple of weeks, only taking cranberry concentrate and the kidneys cleared up - it took a little longer than it usually does, but, kidneys are feeling fine...


My heart started doing what it was doing last year before we started on our Skinny journey. From everything I read it is angina, the kind that happens at rest, not after exhertion, which can usually be remedied by upping your magnesium intake.

I guess when I stopped taking my supplements it caused the issue with my heart. So,
I'm back on the calcium/magnesium/D, CoQ10, and NAC - now my heart seems to be leveling off once again. The only time it jacks up is when I have too much caffeine.
I've had to elminate over the counter sinus pills, most of the caffeine and all of the alcohol. A couple of nights ago I drank two white russians and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I had no idea that the alcohol would effect me that bad.

I am going to enjoy the party tomorrow night with no regrets (and no alchohol - which is no biggie).

But, come Monday I am going back on the straight and narrow....throw out the leftover party food and start clean.

I can think of no better time to start another exercise program. Seth needs me to do this, it helps him to stay on track too. He and Levi had a push-up contest tonight and Seth could only do 10 - what the heck?? He was doing 50 at a time with no problem before he quit martial arts.

So, I will get the whole family and the dogs involved in this and see if I can't get these health issues taken care of, once again.

What's your plan for the New Year?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

One year

Well, I finally switched over to beta like a big girl so I can post on Skinny again. We've done this blog for over a year now, gals. Can you believe it?

Do we want to keep it up, even if it's used intermittently? I, for one, am still enjoying it.

I'm logging my workouts over on my Kristen Runs blog, as you gals know. It's been hugely motivating. Set two PR's this week and excited to progress slowly on my bench as well. (I'm remembering getting to 75-100 lbs in a semester of lifting every day back in high school--gotta try to do that again eventually...soon.)

Gotta say it--I am a much happier, less stressed, normal person when I make time to workout in the morning. The day is just better. I work out so many problems in my head while lifting, and usually there's something to laugh or smile about while I'm there, too.

The PBJ situation is progressing nicely. In fact, I will take a test on Saturday. I'll keep you guys updated. :) I know I probably shouldn't be setting PR's in this state,'s still early, and I'm not sure it will be a positive test anyway.

Thought I'd link you guys to an excellent article on goal setting from an Olympic thrower. This guy is seriously...well, bad ass. You can read more about him here if you are interested.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I bought and am reading this fun book,nothing new but some reinforcement of what we all know we should be doing plus some fun art projects and trivia.

Hope everyone is working at staying healthy during this season. I've done several cleanses lately of not only my body but also did a thorough cleaning of frig and cabinets (again)I didn't really have to throw out too much.. some whipped cream and and a couple of cartons of chip dip leftover from holiday parties. The whipped cream was moldy anyway, I just hadn't gotten around to throwing it out.

I'm taking lots of vitamins and supplements and my colloidal silver, religiously. I have an abnormal fear of getting sick this time of year (could be from almost dying once with an intestinal virus..).

I'm going to buy myself of pedometer, I think it will be a fun motivator.

So, what are you guys doing to stay healthy?