Monday, March 07, 2011

Although I have not been exercising at all other than my usual 100 miles I walk every day of my life in circles around and around the house, from the dog pen to the house, from the garden to the house, to the mail box and to the house, to the office and to the house, up the steps from kitchen to living room and living room to dining room.. okay, you get the picture

I haven't been walking or working out but I do moan and groan a lot. My bright idea of doing strength exercises for my knees almost killed me. I blew my right knee out and it is just now 3 weeks later going down, the pain is getting less - finally. So, that was not a great idea. Don't think I will try it again either.

But, I am getting prepared to do my annual spring (body)cleanse. I ordered some ridiculously expensive Super Juice and have made a menu and grocery list of super foods to eat and another list of things to NOT eat for that 3 days.

I know it is not much in the big scheme of things, but, it makes me feel better about how I treat my body and therefore It is good.


david said...

A girl has to do what a girl has to do. :) If it makes you feel good, that's really all that matters. Isn't the whole point of this to make ourselves feel better?

aola said...


most of the time (and I do get soooo tired of being this way) I am beating myself up/feeling guilty about every freaking thing I do...

how can I possibly feel guilty for drinking caffeine free diet coke, but, I do

hell, I feel guilty when I eat too much ICE... it's bound to be bad for some reason or another

I wonder it I weighed 120 pounds if I would feel guilty about every morsel of food I put in my mouth.... probably not, huh?

But, then, come to think of it... I have never really felt good about myself at any weight or any age.. so, therefore, must be all mental.

Yeah, I have issues..

Sandra said...

yep, that david comment was me...from now on if it says "david" it's probably "sandra"..I'm having an identity crisis!