Sunday, January 30, 2011

I didn't walk at all this week because of my back, was hoping to start again tomorrow but the predictions are for freaking cold weather next week so we'll see.

I did look up a couple of websites that showed specific exercises to strengthen back muscles and some for knees and have been doing them.. a few every day and doing a little weight lifting with (very) light weights (8lbs). I know I don't work out hard enough to probably make much difference but I keep thinking it is better than not doing anything... right???

I'm doing pretty good at eliminating the salty snacks but, Lord o'mercy you should hear Mark whine about me buying unsalted nuts and seeds....

My eating is about the same... too much of a good thing and there is no weight loss. Maybe when I can get back to walking every day.. I can keep hoping.

love you guys

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Sandra said...

Your doing a fantastic job! Do you have a balance ball? That is what I always used to help my lower back and had great results.